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DTA s.c.a r.l. is a nonprofit making consortium company joined by the main enterprises in the aerospace field, universities, public and private research centers. Our mission is to increase the competitiveness of its members and of the aerospace value network by improving innovation capacity, developing new competences, developing research infrastructures, pushing internationalization of the regional system. Actions: provide engineering services to its members and to the market (engineering business unit since 2016);

launching and leading research and innovation projects; bridging the gap between industrial, research and education participants; consulting with public administrations on innovation policy, building relationships. Through the scientific and technological excellence, it strengthens the competitiveness of the production system. DTA proposes and implements research, training and innovation projects for: the development of key technologies; the creation of new professional figures; the construction of infrastructures at the service of research and innovation.


Bari Innovation Hub (BIH) will be the place where researchers, industry and public stakeholders will experiment with innovative solutions exploiting artificial intelligence, IoT and Blockchain and having the 5G communication network as an enabling technology, with the goal of promoting innovative solutions in the framework of Bari Smart City. Within the project, a city area will be equipped and organized to offer information as well as education services in the field of technologies and business development and as experimental area where innovative solutions can be experimented in real and operative scenario. Novel UAM services are among the to be experimented services. Outcome of the project: Experimenting with innovative solutions – related to artificial intelligence, IoT and Blockchain – which will have 5G (or in general nomadic networks) as a common denominator and enabling technology; A more dynamic industrial panorama populated by novel startups and new products and services tailored to the city of Bari.


RPASinAir develops technologies and solutions pushing the insertion of RPAS into unsegregated airspace with focus on BRLOS operations. Expected results are:

  • an infrastructure and laboratory for RPAS BRLOS operation simulation,
  • SATCOM and SATNAV aviation receiver requirements,
  • innovative ATC solutions and applications,
  • payload sensors and data computing systems and applications. The final objective is to design and enable innovative monitoring services (risk prevention, emergency management, …). Aerial services will be demonstrated through real flights operated from Grottaglie Airport and exploiting segregated airspace.

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The activities are:

  • For the simulation and validation of RPAS air operations (BRLOS included) in complex ground and air traffic scenarios,
  • Development of advanced air traffic control (ATC) functionalities and applications to control air traffic of RPAS,
  • Realization of a center to collect, fuse and compute on satellite and aerial Earth Observation data, exploiting AI technologies and developing innovate EO services,
  • Demonstrate the capacity to insert RPAS into ATM to provide aerial services aimed at risk management by exploiting the Laboratory for aerial operations simulation, Innovative ATC Prototype, Airport of Grottaglie, Segregated air space.


The project CRUISE (January 2019, June 2022) is facing the European need for higher cyber security of remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). The CyberSec Test Range will be designed, developed and validated through live demonstrations. It will set up a combination of infrastructures (ICT, SATCOM, SATNAV and airport facility) to provide services to assess cyber-vulnerability and resiliency of UAVs, namely the analysis of overall aerial platform, included ground pilot station, on-board avionics and payload sensors, during VLOS, RLOS, BRLOS operations. Quality, consistency and integrity of data collected by payloads will be verified as well.

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  • CyberSec vulnerability assessment for simulated (digital) products or new UAS in aerial operation simulation environment
  • CyberSec vulnerability assessment through emulated operations, focus on UAS and SATCOM receivers datalink in aerial operations and manoeuvring emulation
  • CyberSec vulnerability assessment complete test campaign for any class of UAS, in real test flights (segregated air space) and in VLOS, RLOS or BRLOS aerial operations (including SATCOM attacks )
  • CyberSecurity test engineering, permit to fly, test data collection and analysis services as required.services tailored to the city of Bari.



  • Acquisition of knowledge (experimentally validated models, algorithms, calculation codes) relating crops’ life cycle conditions (grain, vine and olive) to significant variables of related area / environment;
  • Integrated multiscale platform (satellite, aerial and ground sensors’ system + mobile control center);
  • Definition and implementation of a networked architecture for modelling and decision supporting based on machine learning;
  • Network-based service for farmers to provide them with an easy.


Grottaglie Airport Test Bed (GATB): technological infrastructure, nested with airport and airspace, to favour, lead, and support UAS/UAM/AAM operators in industrializing products and services. Develop UASs and UAM services, Flight trials in real life environment; Industrial development platform. Physical assets: Fully equipped, low traffic airport; Large runway (45 X 3200 m); Large air space (~370Km2; on land, cost, sea), Sparsely populated area. Support services: Flight test design and risk assessment; UAS operation authorization; Experimental environment set-up; Flight operations coordination (with ENAV and AdP) , Flight test reporting; Technology assets: Equipped office; Data center; Space services (SATCOM, GNSS) – TPZ to provide; GNSS interference monitoring; Drone available. Drone Living Lab a cooperative framework in which research, industry, institutions and end users work together (co-design, do-development, real scenario test) to accelerate the uptake of new aerospace-based solutions.


Space2Waves is funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme under agreement n°951122. It is the continuation of SpaceWave which has successfully developed an internationalization strategy to accelerate the Earth Observation (EO) technologies global deployment in Blue Growth and to support European SMEs competitiveness. Four countries have been identified as promising targets with the highest potential for 30 European SMEs: Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates. EO technologies represent an answer to many issues the maritime environment is facing. They contribute to the implementation of a sustainable Blue Economy as they are one of the most available, feasible, and cost-efficient technologies to explore, monitor, control, and study the exploitation of oceans and their resources. Space2Waves brings together six European clusters with a perfect balance between maritime and space sectors.

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