IMT Srl is a forward-looking company focused on three main types of activities:

  • Space: design and development of Nano/ Microsatellites and relevant On-board Units for Space Commercial, Scientific and Defense applications.
  • Parts Engineering: Characterization and Testing of Electrical, Electronic and Electro-Mechanical components.
  • Satellite IoT Solutions: design and development of IoT Solutions for Smart Cities, Environmental Monitoring, Infrastructure Monitoring and Agriculture.

IMT can offer to the market very innovative and competitive solutions that meet the performances required for a wide range of applications:

  • Earth Observation
  • Remote Sensing
  • Deep Space Exploration Missions
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Internet of Things
  • Custom Payloads & Subsystems
  • EEE Parts Engineering


IMT 3U PLATFORM: The IMT 3U Platform meets a wide range of mission typologies: Science, Earth Observation, TLC and Technology Demonstration. Thanks to the IMT know how the mechanical and electrical architecture can support a very wide range of LEO orbit altitudes and inclinations.

IMT 6U PLATFORM: The IMT 6U Platform is a flexible solution that meets the performance required for a wide range of applications. Currently, a new Space Mission can be fully developed in few months, with low budget requirements. IMT uses COTS components to develop CubeSat Platforms, to go to the market with a very competitive solution.

IMT μSADA: Thanks to a contract with the European Space Agency, IMT developed a miniaturized Solar Array Drive Assembly for CubeSat sized 6U and 12U. The IMT μSADA aims to increase the on-board available power energy, thanks to 6 solar panels (3 for each wing) that increase the active area needed for the power generation. The pointing and tracking of the solar arrays toward to the Sun allows to be very competitive on the market, with a product that can guarantee very high performances.

C-DST X-BAND TRANSPONDER: The C-DST X-BAND Transponder is compliant with CubeSat spacecrafts and can guarantee very high performances. This subsystem can be used for the Deep Space Exploration and Earth Observation missions. It is a revolutionary equipment for CubeSats.

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C/O Tecnopolis SCARL Via Per Casamassima, Km 3
70010, Valenzano (BA), Italy

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Francesco Zaccheo
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