Innovation & Technology
in the new space economy

New materials, new technologies and prototypes of aircraft components and aircrafts which are furthering space research and responding to new needs in modern and sustainable air transportation.

Space transportation is at the centre of a process of democratization… The world of aerospace is becoming closer, more accessible and within the reach of more people than in the past, when it really was just a dream.”

Giorgio Saccoccia
President, Italian Space Agency (Mediterranean Aerospace Matching, Grottaglie Apulia, 2021)

B@AT Investment srl

B@AT Investment S.r.l. is a fast-growing start-up, located in Apulia, operating in the aerospace sector, committed to developing a new class of fully autonomous solar powered marine platforms.


ROb@at is a smart solarpowered boat, equipped with artificial intelligence capable of operating in completely autonomous, semi-autonomous or supervised mode to carry out environmental monitoring and control missions at sea.


NOVOTECH is an SME specialized in design, production, testing and certification of primary structural components, mainly for the aerospace sector. Currently, it is developing the SEAGULL aircraft , an innovative seaplane, conceived for civil and military applications.


The SEAGULL aircraft has been designed to promote communication and interaction between people, by overcoming the current barriers of public and private transport, in full autonomy.

Polytechnic University of Bari

The Polytechnic University of Bari (PoliBa) is a public university, founded in 1990, which excels in several research areas, such as mechatronics and automation, sensors and sensor systems, with more than 25 research laboratories.


The gyroscope sensor is a device which uses gravity to sense and determine direction.


Roboze designs and manufactures the world’s most accurate 3D printers for producing parts with composite and super polymer materials to replace metals in industries with extreme working conditions.

Drone frame cubesat structure

The drone frame and cubesat structure have been produced based on Roboze 3D printing technology for super polymers and composites.

Sitael S.p.A.

SITAEL is the largest privatelyowned Space Company in Italy and worldwide leader in the Small Satellites sector, involved in the development of small satellite platforms.


STRIVING is an innovative end-to-end in-orbit validation service that uses smart satellite platforms to test and validate new solutions in the telecommunications sector or other applications in an operational environment using in-orbit assets.

University of Bari

The University of Bari (UniBa), founded in 1924, has decades long experience in space research activities.


The silicon-strip detectors (SSDs), developed at the University of Bari, are active elements of a convertertracker, which forms part of a large area telescope (LAT) and allows for the conversion of incoming gamma-rays into electron-positron pairs.