SITAEL is the largest privatelyowned Space Company in Italy and worldwide leader in the Small Satellites sector, involved in the development of small satellite platforms, advanced propulsion systems and on-board avionics, providing turn-key solutions for Earth observation, telecom and science.

SITAEL belongs to Angel Group, an Italian holding world leader in Railway, Aerospace and Aeronautics markets.


STRIVING is an innovative end-to-end in-orbit validation service that uses smart satellite platforms to test and validate new solutions in the telecommunications sector or other applications in an operational environment using in-orbit assets. Striving is part of a range of space services and applications through Smart Microsatellite Solutions, developed by SITAEL S.p.A., Planetek, IMT and Tyvak together with ESA (European Space Agency).

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Via San Sabino 21
70042, Mola di Bari (BA), Italy

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Francesco Morsillo
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