Aquarius is an innovativecompany, set-up in 2014, with the aim of developing and implementing new technologies for the design and manufacturing of a range of high-performance sportswear.

The Bio-suit is part of a new range of clothing and protective garments for humans, living and working in space, under the brand “REA” which focuses on smart clothes.


Bio-suit is a highly advanced smart garment, specifically developed for astronauts and space personnel operating in a zero-gravity environment, which guarantees both support to the musculoskeletal system and the correct circulation of body fluids. Through the use of a complex system of electrodes, sensors and semi-rigid structures, applied to the fabric that makes up the bio-suit, an artificial intelligence system is able to reproduce muscle activity similar to that produced on earth, helping astronauts overcome potential health risks connected with exposure to environments with zero-gravity or microgravity.

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C.Da Campanella Km 860 ex ss16
72015 Fasano (BR), Italy

329 43 34 235

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Flavio Gentile

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