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The Tiberino family has been involved in fine foods since the late 1800’s. In 1999, the company, Sudalimenta, setup production of a new line of specialty foods, ready to prepare Italian dishes, based on premium natural ingredients, and more recently developed a range of precooked meals, carefully studied for astronauts on space missions.


Food for astronauts has long been the subject of studies in research centers around the world, especially taking into account the conditions in which it has to be prepared and consumed. With the help of nutritionists, Tiberino was the first company to study, develop and create an entire menu of pre-cooked meals for astronauts, first of all for NASA and then for ESA. Based on aerospace protocols for food preparation, the meals are able to resist pasteurization and maintain the organoleptic characteristics unaltered, ensuring the correct supply of vitamins and minerals and tasty Italian cuisine for each cosmonaut. From the experience and the collaboration with NASA, ESA and ASI, OUTFOOD line by Tiberino1888 was born. The OUTFOOD line is perfect for extreme situations in which the main requirements are the rapidity and simplicity of preparation with no particular devices available, the same compact packaging is used both to prepare and consume the meal thanks to its standup form. All OUTFOOD meals are 100% natural, balanced to provide the right nutrition for most of the needs and available in VEGAN and PROTEIN+ variants for satisfying all energy and diet requirements.

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