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Apulia’s innovative aerospace companies

Meet top Apulian aerospace companies during “Space Week” and find opportunities for investment and collaboration in a range of exciting projects and challenges in areas such as green air transportation and space for our planet.

Eka is a consultancy company, founded in mid-2010 and borned as spin-off of the University of Salento, after several years of collaboration among the University and several industrial partners involved in Regional, National and European major research projects aiming to provide advice about methods and tools for Product Lifecycle Management, Business Process Management, CAD and industrial IoT, providing further support to companies in management, tracking and improvement of their business processes, product development and documentation.
EKA main services are Consultancy, System integration and Application management.

Contact person: Simone Maci

Contact person: Adele Caroppo

Exprivia is the head of an international group specialized in ICT able to address the drivers of change in the business of its customers thanks to digital technologies. The group has a team of experts specialized in different technological and domain fields, from Capital Market, Credit & Risk Management to IT Governance, from BPO to CyberSecurity, from Big Data to the Cloud, from IoT to Mobile, from networking to business collaboration up to the SAP world. The group supports its customers in the Banking & Finance, Telco & Media, Energy & Utilities, Aerospace & Defense, Manufacturing & Distribution, Healthcare and Public Sector sectors. The offer includes solutions consisting of own and third-party products, engineering and consulting services. The group has 2,400 professionals distributed in 7 countries worldwide. Exprivia S.p.A. is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange on the MTA (XPR) market.

Contact person: Antonio Vollono

With 50 years of experience, Gielle is the specialist in fire safety. Whether you need portable fire equipment, service and maintenance, or large-scale fire suppression systems for mining, marine, industrial, commercial and retail use, Gielle has got you covered. Gielle is a leading provider of fire protection solutions: Every day customers in more than 40 countries rely on Gielle’s fire protection business to help protect lives and property on land and at sea. Gielle supplies specialist fire protection services to the mining, marine, industrial, commercial and retail industries. Many leading companies and government bodies also rely on our specialist expertise. Specialising in fire detection and protection systems since 1965 and operating in over 40 countries, you can rely on Gielle to help protect you.
Gielle also offers a complete range of refrigerant fluids and gases for each need and for all purpose, becaming a role model for many of the operators in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector. In these fields Gielle provides: R134a, R404a, R407a, R407c, R410a, R417a, R417b, R507, R508a, R32, R125. From the consolidated R134a or R404a, with high impact in terms of GWP, to the latest products with lower GWP such as R1234y or R1234ze.

Contact person: Vincenzo Galantucci

HB Technology is specialized in design, analysis, ME/IE, sheet metal manufacturing and assembly. It’s one of the first Italian aerospace company for metal additive manufacturing (SLM) and polymeric additive manufacturing (FDM/FFF).

Contact person: Marcello Mele

Lanit-Tercom is a leading Italian Russian producer of software and hardware solutions with long experience in the IT industry. The company is able not only to fulfill industrial contracts, but also to carry out challenging science-intensive programming projects. What sets us apart from other Russian software companies is that we provide a wide range of unique services ranging from the development of software/ hardware complexes, to the re-engineering of system software and electronic equipment, to IT consulting and ODC setup. Among our clients are large-scale Italian and Russian companies and customers from USA and European countries (Denmark, Germany, Finland, Sweden and France).

Contact person: Francesco Diomede

Novotech is an SME specialized in design, production, testing and certification of primary structural components for aerospace and other transportation applications. Currently, it is developing the SEAGULL aircraft, an innovative ultralight amphibious/seaplane, conceived for civil and military applications, possessing most innovative features such as a hybrid propulsion (electric/gasoline) system and an automatic wing folding system which allows the airplane to be transported on a simple boat trailer and to be moored in an ordinary boat berth. The program started in 2018 and the first prototype was released in December 2020. A 2nd aircraft is currently under production and the certification process has begun. In parallel, the company is working on a 4 pax version with full electric vertical take-off and landing (EVTOL) capability. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of R&D in the aerospace and transportation sectors, in cooperation with international partners and customers, Novotech is internationally recognised as a reference innovation partner in the field of composite structural and non-structural parts realisation by high automation manufacturing processes, including out of autoclave curing.

Contact person: Raffaele Acierno

Planetek Italia is an SME founded in 1994 that employs over 60 men and women, passionate and competent in Geomatics, Earth sciences and software for space missions. We provide software solutions that extract the most of the value of geospatial data across all stages of the Earth Observation data lifecycle: acquisition, storage, management, analysis and sharing. We operate in many fields of applications, ranging from environmental and territorial monitoring, to open government and smart cities, to solutions for defense and security, engineering and construction, transport, utilities and energy, food resources, up to scientific and space exploration satellite missions. The Planetek group is made up of four companies based in Italy and Greece and is active in the national and international market. Our services are provided by Rheticus®, the EO portal of Planetek Services.

Contact person: Cristoforo Abbattista

Contact person: Daniela Iasillo

R.I. SpA has been working for over 35 years in the field of the design and construction of: modular building systems – technological shelters – logistic equipment. The core business of the company is the construction of complete civil and military compounds on “turn-key” basis, integrated solutions for force protection (mobile armoured towers, survival bunkers, etc), and mobile deployable field hospitals (Role 2 – NATO). Ground support for integrated systems, like radars, antenna transmissions and monitoring, EMI shielded military shelters, central and operational units.
The ability of all the staff to work in harsh territories together with a remarkable logistic organization allowed R.I. to be a leader in supporting the most important international emergency civil and military missions, such in Afghanistan, Albania, Djibouti, Haiti, Iraq, Kurdistan, Kosovo, Mali, Kuwait, Lebanon and United Arab Emirates.

Contact person: Alessio Saracino

Roboze designs and manufactures the world’s most accurate 3D printers for producing parts with super polymers and composite materials to replace metals in industries with extreme working conditions.
The main goal is to shape a new paradigm in digital manufacturing: Roboze Distributed Manufacturing that connects demand with supply, creating a distributed production model, which allows to produce avoiding waste, reducing shipments and CO2 emissions, bringing production back to the point of use.

Contact person: Alessio Lorusso

Contact person: Ilaria Guicciardini

We produce in Italy 100% natural ready meals (risotto, pasta, soups and cous cous) made accordingly to Mediterranean traditional cuisine, good as you can only taste in Italy. We daily commit ourselves with ingredients selection, turning them into good & healthy products thank to a natural dehydrating and artisanal production process. From the experience and the collaboration with NASA, ESA and ASI, OUTFOOD line by Tiberino1888 was born. The OUTFOOD line is perfect for extreme situations in which the main requirements are the rapidity and simplicity of preparation with no particular devices available, the same compact packaging is used both to prepare and consume the meal thanks to its stand-up form. All OUTFOOD meals are 100% natural, balanced to provide the right nutrition for most of the needs and available in VEGAN and PROTEIN+ variants for satisfying all energy and diet requirements.

Contact person: Antonio Gattulli