Space for
our planet

Solutions that use space data for smart cities, for monitoring and
overcoming climate change and environmental conditions.

We don’t want to go to space to get away from our planet, but to improve the conditions of life on Earth.

Dan Hart,
Presidente & CEO, Virgin Orbit (Mediterranean Aerospace Matching, Grottaglie-Apulia, 2021).


Exprivia is the head of an international group specialized in ICT able to address the drivers of change in the business of its customers thanks to digital technologies.

Innovative solutions and services provider for earth observation data acquisition, processing and preservation

Exprivia’s Defence and Aerospace Digital Factory is a software and systems design and integration unit.

Planetek Italia S.r.l.

Planetek Italia is an SME founded in 1994 that employs over 60 men and women, passionate and competent in Geomatics, Earth sciences and software for space missions.


SPACEDGE is a space ecosystem implementing the concept of Satellite asa-Service. It is composed by satellites and a ground market place and all the ground and in-orbit resources are made available to the users through blockchain based mechanisms.