Planetek Italia S.r.l.

Planetek Italia is an SME founded in 1994 that employs over 60 men and women, passionate and competent in Geomatics, Earth sciences and software for space missions. We provide software solutions that extract the most of the value of geospatial data across all stages of the Earth Observation data lifecycle: acquisition, storage, management, analysis and sharing.

We operate in many fields of applications, ranging from environmental and territorial monitoring, to open-government and smart cities, to solutions for defense and security, engineering and construction, transport, utilities and energy, food resources, up to scientific and space exploration satellite missions. The Planetek group is made up of four companies based in Italy and Greece and is active in the national and international market. Our services are provided by Rheticus®, the EO portal of Planetek Services.


SPACEDGE is a space ecosystem implementing the concept of Satellite asa-Service. It is composed by satellites and a ground market place and all the ground and in-orbit resources are made available to the users through blockchain based mechanisms. In this way satellite data are immediately converted into useful information by reducing both costs and barriers to access to space in line with the concepts of the “NewSpace Economy”. Users can choose to use a customized set of Spacedge™ components by configuring the best possible value chain in terms of cost/benefits, i.e. defining the best acquisition and processing workflow for each specific application scenario. By SPACEDGE™ it is possible to test and apply artificial intelligence algorithms in real operational scenarios of Earth Observation, being able to make them available to the community in the SPACEDGE™ market place.

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Cristoforo Abbattista
Head of SpaceStream SB

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